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God Will Meet You Where You Are

If God speaks to me, a Sikh mantra singing, shamanic fire healing, nature loving being incarnated as Christine, God will meet you at your lowest lows, highest highs and everything in between.
God Will Meet You Where You Are

I heard the song Kyrie Eleison in the grocery store recently. I decided to play it again in the car. As I was singing, I started to feel emotional.

The words Kyrie eleison are the opening words to a Christian prayer, if you didn’t know.

I have been singing a lot lately. I recently started learning mantras in the Sikh tradition because they helped raise my frequency and ran off some bad stuff.

When I began using mantras, my life began to change. It is said that the Mul Mantra is a fate killer. We are using the mantra to exercise our free will to change our lives instead of being knocked around by circumstances. I felt my life accelerate in a good way once I learned that mantra, and then I learned many more.

It’s not unusual for me to be singing and then feel God moving over me. This especially happens with the Divine Feminine. I was pleased to learn that the Sikhs honor the Divine Feminine and have mantras about her.

If you are going through the evolutionary ascension process right now, you might find yourself feeling emotional.

I have been working with a shamanic fire ceremony. I am really serious about not being a broken mess after everything that has happened with my Mom and other family dysfunction.

I go into these ceremonies almost daily to talk over the issues I have and ask for various things related to healing and questions and issues that come up.

At first, I asked to be disconnected from my family’s health legacy. Thyroid issues run on my Dad’s side, and I have learned that thyroid problems are from working yourself to death. I don’t know where this comes from but I’m guessing it has to do with something from the Great Depression or a poverty program running in my family, self-worth issues, “I have to struggle to make enough money” and other beliefs like this.

Then I asked to be disconnected from this financial legacy of struggles around money. This one is also from my Dad. I know because I asked I Ching about, and Yi has some specific things it says related to our ancestors. Hexagram 18, Repair What is Spoiled, talks about corruption in the father and cautions against being too strident (harsh) with repairing corruption of the mother.

As I peel back layers, my healing is accelerated and new things come up. I often have to cry them out. So I find myself crying a lot. I would be upset except I view these tears as evidence that my healing and evolution are happening at an accelerated pace, which means I may have time to get to all the things I want to do before this incarnation is over.

I’ve learned that crying is a pattern breaking loose and leaving. Afterward, my external reality shifts. Often, it happens later that day and I feel better. Sometimes, circumstances shift quickly. If they don’t, there is something else I need to do.

Dr. Villoldo of the Four Winds Society said in his class Healing the Dark Side that when we are harassed or feel oppressed in the external, it’s usually because we are NOT ANSWERING THE CALL. I think this used to mean the call of the shaman.

I resisted the idea that I might be a shaman for a long time. I’m not indigenous (that I know of – I mean, there are stories on my Mom’s side, but they aren’t verified) and I’m white.

But I’ve been through too many strange things, initiations and other situations for it to be a coincidence. So when I started taking these classes, I imagine that the Ancestors were probably like “FINALLY, she gets it!”

The need in the world right now is so great that the call of the shaman is happening to people all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you are indigenous.

I don’t mean to sound flippant here – please be respectful and tread lightly with these ancient traditions.

I’m saying that you might be hearing the call and either refusing it for whatever reason, or you don’t know that is what is happening to you.

I have been called to write this blog for years, and now that my Mom is gone and I’m clear on my family issues, there are no more excuses.

The beings working with me in the unseen want me to do something else.

And lately, that means talking to you all about these insights I’ve been receiving. My medicine is apparently talking about my experiences, like a guide.

If I don’t talk about this stuff, it seems like things grind to a halt. That happened last week. I was waiting for someone else to do something, and it didn’t get done until I published a new page on my other website.

When we ignore the call of our soul, we are not in right relationship to the Universe, and things go haywire.

So, as I was saying, I heard Kyrie Eleison in the grocery store, then played it in my car, and got emotional.

Then I heard this part:

When I was young I thought of growing old

What my life was meant to be

If I had followed down my chosen road

Or only wished that I could be

Kyrie eleison, where I’m going will you follow?

I heard God say YES. I will meet you where you ARE.

There are so many people finding their way back to God right now. I believe it is part of the grand awakening happening. As people awaken, they see the contrast between the truth and the lies and manipulation that we thought were truth.

This is not about religion – it’s about sovereignty and discernment. And so much of what we have been taught about God is false.

As people awaken to the truth, they realize how far off the rails things have gone. Many people realize they have been led off the path and now they are ready to turn back to a relationship with God.

I think many people are finally reaching a point where they are able to discern the difference between what is from God and what is false light.

God will meet YOU wherever you are NOW.

God didn’t say anything about doing something.


Everything happening has a purpose. It’s all being used for good, even though it might not seem like it.

Kyrie Eleison translated into English from Latin means, “Lord have mercy.”

According to Songtell, the lyrics of the 1985 Mr. Mister song talk about facing difficult struggles, reflecting on one's past and seeking a better path for the future. The chorus repeats the phrase "Kyrie eleison" to emphasize the need for help [*from God] and reflection throughout the journey. The song encourages listeners to travel down the road of life, seek humility and surrender to the unknown, while also advocating for courage and strength in the process.

*This is a good explanation but I think the AI left out the part about asking God for help. Interesting that the AI leaves out God...but I fixed it.

If God speaks to me, the Sikh mantra singing, shamanic fire healing, nature loving being incarnated as Christine, God will meet you at your lowest lows, highest highs and everything in between.

You don’t need to do anything but open up. Ask for help. Whatever happens from there is between you and God.

I hope this inspired you. It was a really cool experience.