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Energetic Signals for September 27, 2023

The signals: repeating 1s and 4s, Sun in Libra
Energetic Signals for September 27, 2023

This is a post about the energies right now.

Please note that this information is based on the signals I read in my 3D experience. I get signals from repeating numbers, astrology, physical sensations, awarenesses and “knowing” stuff, oracle cards, solar events, and I Ching.

Everything I write about is something I have personally experienced. This isn’t the same as the energy updates I see from others on YouTube. I am not channeling anyone or anything. I'm just paying attention to the weirdness in my own life.

I used to watch and listen to a lot of channeling videos, and I especially love Kryon’s older stuff. It has gotten me through a lot of difficult times. However, as I move up in my own awareness I realize that it’s important to learn to read energies for myself.

And, while I am grateful for your presence here, it’s my sincere intention that YOU become sovereign. I WANT you to OUTGROW me and my teachings.

So, this is less a prediction and more about possibilities. These are energies I am personally experiencing.

If it doesn’t resonate for you, that’s cool. I encourage you to start noticing your own energetic signals and learn to read for yourself.

Let’s start with the numbers:

I am still seeing a lot of 1s and 4s right now, which tells me we still need to be vigilant about minding our own frequency.

When I see repeating 1s and 4s, I know that there is a LOT of interference. It’s a signal to “put on the armor of God” and protect yourself from interference.

You can do this by becoming aware of your thoughts, paying attention to things like ear ringing, and the signals the Universe uses to communicate with you.

Wherever you are, the Creator meets you there, so look to the places where you naturally feel pulled to get your own signals and messages.

It will be slow going when I see these numbers. Delays and things take awhile, because there are forces at work who want to slow down progress.

The 1s and 4s are also related to the symbolic 144,000 in the Bible, the people who are here for a specific purpose at this time.

If you are experiencing interference, you are probably one of the people who is here to anchor the new template, which means you will get pushback.

I noticed a shift in energies last night. The Sun shifted into Libra on the 23rd and I was glad for that. This is the biggest energy I notice right now, and it’s an energy I want to align with. Libra is usually about balance and harmony, so you can look for things that are out of balance to shift into more harmonious expression.

Here is an example from my own life.

Virgo season is not pleasant for me. There are a lot of astrologers who think there’s no such thing as a bad transit. On some level, that is true.

My use for astrology is to improve my experience of this 3D reality, and forewarned is forearmed. I have learned and observed my own cycles and experiences of transits and I know that Virgo season always means finances get tighter and things will be lean in some way. I will have to do without something.

So, I don’t care what anyone else says about the higher purpose of these transits. If they suck, they suck. I would prefer to know about it so I can adjust my expectations and plan for it.

I am Aries ascendant and Fire and Earth are not an easy match. Virgo is my 6th house, although I thankfully have no planets there. That doesn’t mean the season isn’t potent for me.

You might have harmonious placements and love Virgo season. Still, if you are reading this, the energy themes are still applicable.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and its main theme is purity. You might notice themes like wanting to clean, organize, purge, minimize, keeping things simple, streamlining, removing, doing more with less and virginity, a patriarchal theme that needs to die right along with the patriarchy.

The 6th house also rules pets, and sometimes if something is wrong with my pets, it will show up during Virgo season. And, sure enough: in this season, we had a flea problem that took a lot of energy to resolve.

It turned my living space upside down as I cleaned, steam cleaned, bathed my dog, brushed the cats and vacuumed repeatedly. They are all itchy and have scratched and licked themselves bare in some spots. Poor babies!

And the chemical spray I applied didn’t do much except irritate their skin. Keeping things clean from flea dirt (which is a nice way of saying flea poop, which is disgusting) has been a major effort.

Since my cats are all so fastidious about grooming, the stuff has been falling off of them onto everything. I have laid in bed at night as the cats lick, scratch, vibrate and otherwise use the Virgo cleaning energies to remove fleas and their leavings.

Go ahead and laugh, because it's funny! They shake the bed, and it is quite funny on the one hand.

On the other, I know will have to deal with the flea poop everywhere in the morning. Aside from that, the endless motion keeps me awake.

I am grateful that they are using their cleaning skills to get rid of the pests. They are just doing what they are designed to do.

So, I was THRILLED when somehow, harmonization happened, thank you Libra!

I somehow managed to straighten up the living room in about an hour. I had been so exhausted from all the cleaning to straighten up the living room.

I got a couple new pet beds and a cat cave, and there were no cats vibrating and attempting to remove fleas last night. I slept uninterrupted. The flea dirt is lessening, and I still need to vacuum every day for awhile longer.

When is Virgo season? I am referring to the period of time when the Sun is in Virgo. Although the Sun has moved into Libra, Mercury is still in Virgo, and Venus will move into Virgo in October.

I’m not a fan of Venus in Virgo either. Venus in Virgo brings dissatisfaction with certain parts of my life, usually my appearance, clothing, or I lose the taste for things I usually enjoy. She is stingy there.

I have also noticed that Mercury is not a benevolent planet for me. I’ve never seen anything benevolent come out of a Mercury transit except for situations cooling off. If it’s an easy transit, it will be neutral; if it’s a difficult transit, it will be awful.

Yes, there is some higher purpose in these themes. Sometimes bad events lead us into good awarenesses. During a Venus retrograde in Virgo, I discovered that I had been overpaying my landlord by $25 a month. As a result, I became more diligent about my finances.

However, if you find yourself feeling a certain way about astrological transits, know that you don’t need to cut off all your hair or stop drinking your favorite coffee.

It will pass. You don’t have to engage with the coercive energies. Adjust your expectations and wait it out.

Right now, you may notice a positive turn of events. Watch for things shifting and transforming to return to some kind of balance and harmony. Look for it in your relationships.

See what happens. Side note: this is how I learned about astrology. It’s one thing to read about it or listen to what someone else says about it, but when YOU already know what happens in your experience, you become sovereign at reading the energies and don’t need someone else.

Know thyself and you are less likely to get hijacked and manipulated.

These particular transits come around every year, so this kind of information might be useful to you next year or for any Virgo or Libra transit.

I just started noticing what happened under specific transits and it made my life easier. Elsewhere on this blog, I talk about my Pluto opposite Sun transit. If I had not known I was having a Pluto transit, I would have probably have gone batshit crazy.

Just one caveat about Libra, though: the darker side of this energy is that you might sacrifice speaking up or your boundaries for harmony. Given that there are the repeating 1 and 4 signals, it seems likely.

I will be definitely be watching for interference and manipulation under the guise of trying to resolve conflicts. Don't be fooled by people who have shown you they are manipulators and are pretending to be changed!

Alternatively, if the person has something of yours, like money or your favorite hoodie, use this to get it back and then consider ghosting.

It's the cumulative effects of these people hijacking your attention that leads to poverty, so pay attention!

I hope this information has served you on your journey! If you need support, check out my services menu. You can also support my work through tithing via Cash App at $1212Energy, or sign up for a $5 monthly subscription here on the website.