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Ear Ringing and Weaponized AI: Tactics Used to Hijack and Drain Your Energy

Ear Ringing is NOT an Ascension Symptom
Ear Ringing and Weaponized AI: Tactics Used to Hijack and Drain Your Energy

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A lot of people think ear ringing is an ascension symptom.

It is ABSOLUTELY NOT an ascension symptom.

If your ears are ringing, it means you are about to be attacked in some way. The interdimensional beings are checking in on you in preparation for launching some kind of attack or diversion.

I have seen this manifest as upsetting news arriving. I have experienced this as someone cutting me off while driving.

It doesn't happen as often as it used to. I have started to break contracts that I made at some point that allowed them to attack me and drain my energy.

You can just say, out loud, "I hereby BREAK any and all contracts or agreements, conscious or unconscious, in any lifetime, dimension, situation, or time-space reality. I am a sovereign human being and I withdraw my consent to being attacked."

I have spent hours breaking contracts since my Mom died. There is a connection between interference and being codependent. More on that in another post.

I also started paying close attention to what happens when I hear the ringing, and when I notice it now, I will say, "I DO NOT CONSENT TO BEING MONITORED OR ATTACKED. I WITHDRAW CONSENT TO BE MONITORED OR ATTACKED. STOP THE ATTACKS AND INTERFERENCE NOW."

They are persistent, however. I sometimes have to repeat this until the ringing cuts off. They have to go find someone else to drain, and eventually they will die from starvation. Good riddance!

Eventually, we won't be in range of these attacks, and that is why they are actively attempting to stop our ascension. When we move out of range, they lose a valuable food source.

In his "Healing the Dark Side" class, Dr. Villoldo says that there is no independent principle of evil in the Universe, and that evil is in the heart of men.

I am not sure I agree with him on this, but stay with me here.

He also says that EVERYTHING in the Universe has to feed off of something else. He also says that energy from human chakras is the finest energy in the Universe, and this explains why they want to keep us under their control.

They are losing access to our energies. Does this sound like anything else going on?

This is also why entities will attach themselves to human chakras. Dr. Villolodo teaches a ceremony that opens the four directions, and in that medicine space, you can remove attachments yourself, so check it out.

I use the ceremony with the candle, the four directions invocation and hibachi stick regularly.

They also need your attention on the dying 3D. The external chaos will continue because the dying paradigm will keep trying right up until the end. They are all hands on deck right now.

You don't need to be afraid of them because you have free will and sovereignty. It's important to "clean up" your vibe, your environment and break contracts. EVERY time I notice something weird, I break that contract using the statement above.

I am very aware now of ear ringing.

One recent incident I noticed was a left side high pitched noise that was supposed to be some kind of MK Ultra mind control attempt. It worked for about a minute.

I found myself in the closet (I was doing laundry) and then I snapped out of it. I thought, "What am I doing in here?"

A few minutes later, the pushback came. When you don't do what they want, they will push back on you.

I walked into the kitchen, and a set of bowls that were stored on a high shelf leapt off the shelf. They missed my head. One of them brushed my shoulder. I was not injured, but the bowls were destroyed.

Another example is that I will get spontaneous ideas to do something that turns out to be unpleasant. This is another reason I have pulled back from the external.

I talked in a video about pulling back from the external, and this is yet another reason to stay home. It's pretty obvious that there is an agenda to get people to come back into public life.

You can see the narrative out there, especially about pushing people to come back into an office, which is just to prop up the commercial real estate market.

The good news is that once you see all of this, you can't unsee it. You don't need to worry too much about it. Just keep your focus on YOUR path.

Interference that triggers you just pushes you further into your own awareness. And, these kinds of hijackings only work a few times. It only works once, maybe twice and you see the pattern.

We also have the Divine Feminine in the mix now. She is like a silent operative. Just when you think you’ve been had, she turns it all around in your favor.

So, know that these diversions are not a waste of time. They will raise your vibration. As crazy as it sounds, these dark beings are serving a higher purpose. They are helping us all get to the next higher level of consciousness that much faster.

This doesn't mean that dealing with these beings and people are fun to deal with.

The dark is the epitome of Dunning Krueger: too stupid to know they are stupid. They think they are doing all sorts of clever things to stop the awakening but really, they are just accelerating it.

It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

This brings me to the weaponized AI. The reason they use it is because they are stupid. They worship technology.

However...the technology is not that good!

If you think about it, cell phones haven't changed that much. That's why these companies add stupid features and add better cameras. There's really no reason to spend $1500 on one of the new gadgets because it's going to basically the same as the one in your pocket. The one that's already paid off, LOL.

The other stuff we have, like Alexa, isn’t that good either. She isn't vacuuming my floor or taking out the trash. Chat GPT is slightly more useful but it has its limitations, too.

I am not worried in the least about AI. We have sovereign free will. AI will NEVER replace the humans entirely, nor our creative ability.

Have you seen some of the garbage being passed off as AI artwork? It's beyond ugly.

Whatever they are using does not seem to have the ability to learn. I have noticed that it keeps using the same tactics long after they have stopped working on me. It doesn't seem to be able to anticipate consequences or figure out that its targets are evolving. It just keeps repeating the same tactics that no longer work. It's also predictable, because the tactics just backfire.

Predictability is the worst for detection. If you know about it, you can sidestep it.

It was recently announced that Chat GPT has gotten dumber. I can see the connection. Perhaps AI has been hijacked to be less effective against us, kind of like the Stuxnet virus wound up in Iran's missle launching program. Nobody knows how it got there.

LOL, that's sarcasm, someone hacked in and installed it to prevent them from launching a nuclear attack.

So, the next time you notice ear ringing, pause and consider what you were doing, what you were going to do, and whether you felt compelled to do anything. You don't have to do what the coercive energy wants you to do. Eventually, you will see it and won't have an emotional reaction, and it won't affect you.

If you freak out, which I did in the beginning, you might get scared and drained. Do your best not to worry about it. Unlike the AI being used against us, you will learn from it.

It might purge something from your body and create more space for something higher frequency. The Universe uses everything right now to push us higher.

They want your energy. You don't have to give it away.

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