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Energy Update for May 7, 2021

Energy Update for May 7, 2021

Wow! Have you all been feeling the energies? I certainly have!

I’ve seen several spiritual bloggers and YouTubers talking about the 555 portal (May 5, 2+0+2+1 = 5) opening up.

I personally do not like the 5 energies. They are very uncomfortable. You won't find that in most spiritual resources about the meanings of numbers, though.  You'll find that people want to sugar coat the meaning. While the 5 energy may be “for your highest and best good,” that doesn’t make it suck any less.

(I feel the same way about Pluto energy. Astrologers like to counsel people that Pluto is about transformation, which is a nice way of saying DEATH.  Pluto transits can be traumatic for people who have no idea what is happening to them.)

I have a lot of experience with 5 energy. When I started seeing repeating 5s, it was heralding a period of great upheaval in my life. I began seeing them in November 2015.

The day after I started seeing 555, my entire life foundation was shaken to the ground and everything began to shift. At the same time, Jupiter had moved out of Leo and into Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo was a huge shift from Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter wants to expand and Virgo wants to be practical and grounded.

For this Aries rising, Virgo energies are not comfortable.  Two of my closest female friends are Virgo, so please don’t think I’m hating on them. If I find myself overrun with Aries enthusiasm and optimism, I can trust my Virgo bestie to deliver the reality check I need!

My personal philosophy is that being forewarned is forearmed, but at the start of May I felt like I was blindsided by the energies.

When it arrived in my experience on Monday, I thought I was having a new set of ascension symptoms. I was literally laid out flat with a panic attack.

The anxiety was so intense on Tuesday that I had to lay down until the energy passed through, and I had another panic attack-type episode that woke me up in the middle of the night early Thursday morning.

I don’t remember that kind of intensity in an ascension upgrade even in the middle of the election noise. It’s been pretty heavy and intense.

I looked at some other energy updates from people I follow. Usually what happens to me is that they resonate but I don’t fully understand them right away. As the week moved forward, I better understood what the issues were and how they were being resolved, at least for me on a personal level.

I may write about some of these in another post later on, but for now I want to reassure everyone that things are going to be OK.

Hopefully you have reached a similar type of clarity.

As I write this, there is an incoming M-Class Solar Flare, a Type II radio emission, a Type IV radio emission, and there was also just a radio outage, according to the Spaceweather app on my phone.

Additionally the Schumann Resonance today is at Power 94, according to Disclosure News Italia.

Right after those rapid fire Spaceweather notifications from my phone, I happened to look over at a vehicle next to me at a stop light. I immediately saw the numbers 2555 as part of a phone number. Then I got that weird intuitive tingly feeling at the back of my neck and then a download.

Twos in front of all those fives was a very clear message: there are incoming energies that will harmonize the rough energies of the 555 portal.

If you’ve been feeling bad physically or emotionally, take heart.

Although our physical bodies are still in 3D, our consciousness is expanding and that means we’re moving away from linear time. This means that things can shift very quickly.

All is not what it seems.

According to Kryon, the being channeled by Lee Carroll, we old souls (the ones going through the Ascension Process right now) have to drop our old beliefs. We’ve been on Earth many times and it’s been dark.

However, with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, we’re in a new paradigm. A whole new energy, which means that it’s not business as usual.

We are also moving away from linear time. Our consciousness is quantum while our bodies remain in 3D.

This means things like planning and preparation don’t work as well as they used to.

Remember the days when you could actually make plans ahead of time? Ah, the illusion of control was fun while it lasted.

The outcome of whatever is bothering you isn’t predetermined – we are creating these outcomes as we go. And that means you don’t need to start worrying a month in advance about something. You just need to hold an intention and watch for things to rearrange themselves around your desired outcome or something even better.

I’ve experienced this as things happening when they need to happen and not a minute sooner, and at the same time, it was while I was holding tight to my intention for a situation to work out a certain way. I don't believe that we are supposed to hand over everything to God or the Universe. It is OK to want what we want. Still, I do my best to leave room in my intentions for something better.

I’m still learning how this all works. My headstrong Aries ascendant likes to push and push, but that doesn’t work anymore so I just INTEND REALLY LOUDLY in my head.


An hour later:


One of my guides told me that I was intending so loudly that EVERYONE in the Multiverse could hear me.

If you are still figuring things out in the new energies, don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’ll just close this up with the good news: there are energies incoming, related to the New Moon in Taurus and also the solar flares, solar wind and radio emissions, that will harmonize whatever came up for you with the 555 portal.

You will find a way to work with or through the difficulties that came up for you.

For me, it was fear coming up. Some of it was mine, some was from the collective energy. We’re all plugged into the collective consciousness and discernment is so important at this time.

Still, it’s not as bad as it looks.

Be prepared for things to work themselves out in your favor!

The Universe has your back!