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Energy Update for March 17, 2021

Energy Update for March 17, 2021

How are you feeling? That’s what I ask myself whenever I’m wondering about the energies. I feel like the energies are still pretty intense after some geomagnetic storms last week, when the KP index reached 7!

The KP index is a general measurement for the geomagnetic conditions for the entire planet. I’m still just learning about space weather. I don’t think the Schumann Resonance or astrology are telling the whole story. This week, we have more spaceweather that could make things interesting, depending on your own journey and level of sensitivity.

I think the astrology is now just one of several factors at play on Earth right now. I've noticed some strange things happening with the astrology, enough that it's made me curious about what else might be going on.

It seems to me that at certain times the experiences from the "bad" astrology transits still plays out (Saturn-Venus oppositions or squares, blech) in an awful way, but the more positive ones will barely move the needle, so to speak! I'd like some good stuff to happen on those days! It's nice to get a break from the AP intensity but sometimes it would be nice if something would just manifest without having to ask.

We’re also passing through the photon belt, which I understand happens every 26,000 years and was also roughly the same length of the Mayan calendar.

A year or two ago, I was told by my Higher Self to “mind your frequency” and this was excellent advice, because the assault on consciousness has moved into the unseen.

It's asymmetrical warfare, designed to make you think you are crazy, to keep you in fear and off balance so that you are easier to control. You aren't moving forward or making the best decisions when you are afraid.

Humans have been manipulated for a very long time. Centuries, I suppose.

We’ve been programmed with “seeing is believing,” which is a very 3D way of looking at things. I’ve had to un-learn this and stop looking to "reality" as being evidence of what is true. Kryon talks all the time about the Old Soul's baggage from being here so many times and things always working out in favor of Team Dark. He also says we need to drop that baggage and stop assuming things are going to work out badly for us, because after 2012, we're in a whole new paradigm.

Although it looks like things are horrible, they are actually collapsing because they cannot withstand the higher frequencies on the planet. When they do collapse, we can rebuild them in a more sustainable, equitable way. In the meantime, we have to trust that all is working out for us.

As we raise our consciousness (frequency) we become multi-dimensional. That means that although our physical bodies are staying firmly in the 3D reality, our consciousness goes into much higher dimensions.

5D has been touted as our next step, but my understanding is that 5D has already been hijacked by energies/beings/agendas who want to keep humans under their thumb.

As much as this statement makes me cringe, I have had some experiences that absolutely corroborate this statement. I have observed some things that were paranormal and I have found myself in situations that nobody would ever believe.

Fortunately that’s all changing now. That’s not to say we shouldn’t use our discernment but I think intelligent people sometimes bump up against things they can’t explain through linear 3D logic.

For example: the Mandela Effect. I’m not going to write about that here because it’s been extensively covered elsewhere. Briefly, there is a huge segment of the population who remembered Nelson Mandela dying in prison and another group that remembers him being released from prison.

Same thing with the Berenstein Bears. Or is it Berenstain Bears? Which do you remember?

Well, anyway…it feels to me like we still have a lot of the 5/5/5 energies hanging around. I did notice things harmonizing around the New Moon in a very nice way but also some warning signals about things up ahead.

As of today, we have a coronal hole in the Sun that is facing earth, and predictions that the geomagnetic activity could ratchet up midweek. According to the Spaceweather app, we could reach KP4 tomorrow and KP5 on Wednesday. We have some fast solar wind coming in now from those coronal holes and could see some C-class solar flares this week.

Today the Schumann Resonance is at power 33 which is well above the formerly-reliable 7.83 hertz frequency.

We are also in Eclipse Season and things are always weird during these times. We have a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on May 25 and a Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10. You may have already received information coming in about the changes up ahead.

During eclipse season, it feels like things are ON HOLD because the Universe is about to rearrange a whole bunch of situations. Some of you will wind up on different timelines, in which case it might be best to not make any decisions until after eclipse season is over.

Finally, you may be working with these kinds of situations or notice them “out there” in the collective:

Conflict energy, especially in relationships

Lack of external results

Feeling like you want to make things happen but your body just says NO

Awarenesses that come up and fill in some pieces of the puzzle for you

Disruptions and short attention span



Fear and anxiety, especially in the collective.

As for the number messages this week, I'm seeing a lot of 5s and 6s, which are about financial expansion and physical acquisiton, and also, 2s and 7s which are about good news coming in.

The other day, I saw this number series on a license plate: ZZ7 556

I always read Zs and 2s, so this was pretty clear that there is VERY good news on the way about money that is needed.

A lot of people are worried about being cut off from federal unemployment funds but I have a feeling there is an unexpected twist that will turn out in favor of the people who need the money.

As always, self care is VERY important. Boundaries, saying no, nutrition and rest are a priority for me.

I personally need a LOT of sleep right now, especially when these geomagnetic storms hit. Usually I feel great, then I get hungry, eat a dense meal, and then fall asleep for 10-12 hours.

Oftentimes I wake up with the knowledge that I’ve shifted to a new reality. Then I’ll usually integrate, then the cycle starts all over again.

Whatever is happening for you is OK.

I hope this helps!