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Still Using a 3D Yardstick to Measure Your Progress? Read this

Still Using a 3D Yardstick to Measure Your Progress? Read this

If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome! My name is Christine and I am the creator and author of this blog and the content.

TL;DR: If you are still using 3D patriarchal measurements of progress in the new planetary energies, it may look like you are a failure, especially if you have a history of trauma and self-worth issues, or if you are dealing with your childhood programming. Don't look to old measurements of success for validation of your progress.

I was writing in my journal (typing, actually) about something that came up for me yesterday while I was in the car. I have been feeling frustrated with the lack of external results for all the inner work I've been doing. I was in the car driving back home from doing some shopping, and whenever stuff comes up for me in my car, I find myself tapping on the issue.

Tapping is also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. I've used EFT for at least a decade. When I first learned about it, I actually hired someone who offered EFT as a service to learn how to use it myself.

I'm pretty pragmatic about things, including my spiritual journey. And one of the things I love about my church, Unity (not Unitarian) is that they teach you skills to cope with the journey instead of just handing everything over to God. We are co-creators, not victims of God's wrath.

I digress here..but over the years I have developed a spiritual toolbox and EFT is usually the one I use when I'm driving.

I've been thinking about content for the 1212 Energy YouTube channel, so I'll probably make a video about how to do this.

Basically, EFT is tapping on specific points on the body while you are talking about the feeling that is bothering you. You're NOT affirming the opposite, you are acknowledging that you are frustrated or angry, but that you LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF COMPLETELY even though you are having those feelings.

So you say these statements WHILE you are tapping at various points on your body. This is a little harder to explain, but the idea is that there are meridians running through your body and you can tap on certain ones for relasing negative emotions.

The places I learned to tap were at the top of the head, under the eye, between the eyes on the forhead, outside of the eye near the temple, below the nose, on the chin, near the left side (bra line on the left for the ladies), the chest near the neck by the indentation there, the outside of the fingers and the wrist.

These are not in order -- there is a routine for cycling through them that you can find online. But it's been my experience that it makes no difference where you tap, because you have meridians everywhere. (Meridians = energy lines, a concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine.)

You literally cannot screw up the tapping, so don't feel intimidated by it.

I think this is because the most important thing in the process is to acknowledge the shitty feelings and love yourself anyway so that you can let them go.

Mostly when I am driving I tap on my chin, chest near the neck, forehead and below the nose. I am sure I look weird doing that in my car!

As you are tapping, you say something like, "Even though I am frustrated with the lack of external results in my life right now, I love and accept myself unconditionally."

Another statement I use is "Releasing, pain, frustration, upset, anger, beating myself up."

There are two things that usually happen when I use this: 1) I get distracted by something else and am no longer fixating on it, which means I was successful in letting it go; or 2) something else will just come up while I'm tapping -- I'll just speak it out loud.

This is what happened yesterday. Some interesting things came up around my expectations. At first I thought it was a self-worth issue, but in spite of BPD Mom and my trauma, I don't think I have issues with self-worth.

I'm not bragging about that, I'm just ruling it out because there's another issue I have: a problem with my childhood programming and conditioning.

I don't think it matters which it is -- that it came up for me so that I could identify the pattern was the most important. If I am aware of it, I can deal with it, move through it and heal quicker.

My EFT session showed me where I am still operating from some old programming that needs to be brought into the light, released and a new pattern created.

I was also reminded that we are in TRANSITION and this isn't a "normal" time, whatever that was, is or will be.

If you are still using the old 3D patriarchal yardstick to measure your success, know that it's not relevant anymore.

Here's my old pattern: hustle, beat the bushes, exhaust myself to make something happen then ramming it into place. Then, be exhausted for two days from all the stress, and then do it all over the next week.

What I do now: fight the urge to go back to shoving things into place. I used to do a bunch of marketing stuff to see what would stick. It worked for awhile, but it doesn't work anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't have the inner urge to go back to that old pattern.

What I am working toward: staying receptive. Receptivity is a feminine energy thing that looks like doing nothing but waiting to receive. This is difficult for many of us. For women, we've had to operate in masculine energy for so long that many of us have lost that connection. For men, the culture of toxic masculinity that has suppressed the feminine and made the traits "bad."

I am so used to shoving things into place. And, it WORKED, so I don't usually remember right away that I can't do it anymore.

The Divine Feminine revealed herself to me through a series of encounters in 2016. I will write about that another time, but when things started going bad, she told me, "You cannot hustle your way out of this transition. You must accept what is happening and allow it to unfold."

Perhaps the hardest part of accepting all of this is that you don't know what to do instead of the old way. For many of us Gen-Xers, the proverbial rug has been yanked out from underneath us in midlife, a time when we should be hitting our career stride and creating wealth.

Instead, we no longer have a roap map or a playbook for how to live from the new energy.

One of the things they don’t tell you in this spiritual work is that there is a transition phase that can really mess with your head if you are still seeing your lack of something through the old 3D patriarchal paradigm.

If you are still using an old yardstick to measure progress, it’s going to look like you are a failure, especially if you have a history of trauma and self-worth issues, or if you are fighting your own programming.

It's kind of like looking to the stock market or real estate market to measure economic success. Those two markets are completely disconnected from reality.

We have to trust that we are going to get everything we need, remain open to whatever we are being asked to learn, and take inspired action.

I started writing this content because I didn't know what else to do.

I think NOT getting what we want in these transition phases is about preparation for what we do want. And not getting what we wanted or expected is burning off the attachments to what you thought you wanted.

You get angry or sad and realize that the old way isn’t going to work anymore and then you SURRENDER.

Sometimes you just have to admit that whatever you were doing isn’t going to work anymore, and sit with the not knowing for awhile.

That's where the receptivity comes in. Listening to your guidance, making preparations and taking inspired action.

I hope this helps you! It felt good to write it and share it with you.