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Money Planets Forecast for November 2023: Mars

Money Planets Forecast for November 2023: Mars

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If Mars is a money planet, this forecast applies to you. If you don’t know your money planets, you can read my blog post on how to DIY your money planets yourself. I also offer an inexpensive service to do this for you.

This is a forecast based ONLY on money planets. This is not a sign by sign reading.

It’s also only based on transits, which is the current movement of the planets.

There may be more aspects to your natal planets, so consider ordering my service for a reading, or a couple of coaching sessions and I’ll teach you how to DIY your personal cosmic cash flow periods.

Mars is in Scorpio for most of the month. Mars is comfortable in the sign of Scorpio. Mars will move into Sagittarius on November 24, and Mars does well in Sadge, too.

Mars makes the following aspects this month:

November 11: Mars opposite Uranus - Caution warranted!

Mars will be opposite Uranus in Taurus. Mars-Uranus is volatile energy generally. Car accidents, cutting yourself with knives or scissors and head injuries are some examples.

However, Uranus is in Taurus, and the Earth energy pulls back on the Uranian volatility. Mars can be impulsive and mixed with Uranian volatility, this can be violent energy, but Taurus Earth will dull the explosiveness.

Uranus in Taurus reminds me of a tsunami that builds from an earthquake on the ocean floor. It might take awhile to reach the surface.

If Uranus is one of your money planets, this is good for an increase in money, but watch for arguments, frustrations, impulsiveness, explosions and unexpected events related to receiving the money.

Mars moves one degree every two days, so this energy will be around for a week to ten days.

November 17: Mars trine Neptune - Guided towards Action

If Neptune is also a money planet for you, this is a good day for money! Mars is action, we have the flowing trine aspect to Neptune which talks about a higher purpose and guidance for your action steps. Woo hoo!

November 21: Mars sextile Pluto - Action with Power

If Pluto is also a money planet, this is another great day for money. The sextile is a harmonious aspect. Mars is action and Pluto is the power to succeed. Woo hoo!

 November 25:  Mars square Saturn - Held Back and Frustrated

Mars will square Saturn in Pisces right after entering Sadge. If both Mars and Saturn are money planets for you, it’s still a good alignment from a money perspective, but expect frustrating delays.

Also, expect that you won't be able to disengage from the situation. There will probably be a lesson involved in order to receive the abundance.

Since Mars moves 1 degree every two days, expect this situation to take at least a week to resolve.

Forewarned is forearmed. This does not mean the money isn’t coming. I know it's odd, but save yourself some frustration.

I just finished a Saturn opposite Mars transit last year and what worked was to just keep taking action and deal with my frustration through exercise or some other outlet. Don’t give up. Saturn usually delays but eventually you work through it. Sometimes it takes hard work, or it takes longer than you think it should.

Also, consider whether you are Saturn or Mars in the situation. Saturn is mature boundaries. Mars is young and impulsive (in my experience). Often, I find myself in the Saturn role of enforcing boundaries, creating structures and standing up for myself, even against people older than I am!

This might not be about holding you back – it might be about the Universe working through YOU to help someone else mature through respecting boundaries or traditions.

Also, when you pass Saturn’s test, there is always a gift. I’m not talking about the shiny kind under the Christmas tree. I’m talking about a situation that finally works out in your favor, or something important comes to fruition. It might something akin to getting to keep the job. Not pretty or flashy, but neither is Saturn!

I hope this information serves you on your journey! Check out Cosmic Cash Flow to learn about your prosperity cycles!