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Money Planets Forecast for November 2023: Venus

Money Planets Forecast for November 2023: Venus

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If Venus is a money planet, this forecast applies to you. If you don’t know your money planets, you can read my blog post on how to DIY your money planets yourself. I also offer an inexpensive service to do this for you.

This is a forecast based ONLY on money planets. This is not a sign by sign reading. It’s also only based on transits, which is the current movement of the planets.

There may be more aspects to your natal planets, so consider ordering my service for a reading, or a couple of coaching sessions and I’ll teach you how to DIY your personal cosmic cash flow periods.

If Venus is one of your money planets (you probably have more than one – I have four), you may be feeling financially pinched right now. I know I definitely have!

This is because Venus is in Virgo. Venus is considered in her detriment in the sign of Virgo. Venus is about about love, money, beauty, harmony, values, money, the feminine.

Virgo is about purification, getting by with less, using up what you have, asceticism, doing without, clean, stripped down.

Venus in Virgo is like going without makeup and feeling ugly. It will pass, so don't do anything drastic.

These two have clashing energetic signatures, and this means it’s hard for Venus to help you attract abundance right now. It means you probably won’t have much extra coming in.

How painful or frustrating this is could be on a spectrum for you depending on your own birth chart. I have a hard time with Virgo energies, Virgo season generally, and Venus in Virgo.

I am Aries rising and I have no planets in Earth signs. The Fire signs want to GO and Earth takes its time.

If you’re an Earth sign like Taurus or Cap, you might find it easier to wait this time out, but regardless, I don’t think the money flows with Venus in Virgo. If you’re an Air sign, same thing. Water probably will feel emotionally frustrated by the delays.

Forewarned is forearmed. In the meantime, look to your other money planets for ideas on how to make money.

Don’t stop working on your projects. The best thing about astrology is that it always changes, so the hard times NEVER LAST. Keep moving forward, but don’t push or use Martian energy unless you have a Mars money planet aspect that shows money coming in.

Fortunately for us, the planets move on, and things should get much better on November 8, because Venus moves into Libra. Venus rules Libra so it will be easier for her to dispense abundance from her domicile.

Venus is more about receptivity, so you may just find things flow more easily with you having to push.

You may start to notice things begin to flow around the 6th of November. The deep freeze will begin to melt and flow. You may feel lighter, too.

However…there’s another caveat here: the 7th house (Libra is the 7th house in the original zodiac) is about partnership and open enemies. With the South Node here, I noticed this year that that there’s been a lot of oppositional energy in Libra.  

This is because we are supposed to follow the North Node in Aries, which is about the individual. We are being called to move away from the old situationships in our lives that drain us (South Node is like a drain) so that we can move forward on our own path and do the things we want to do.

We aren’t supposed to be putting others ahead of ourselves right now. That includes things like playing small, putting our wants on hold because of disapproval from someone else, and other similar ideas.

If you are doing this, watch for things to go sour in your relationships and prepare for changes. For example, you leave a job and this can affect your money.

Many of us are being realigned to a path of sovereignty and the transition can be frightening. If you don’t know what you would really like to do, be prepared to be given space to be alone so you can become aware of what would really light you up.

It might be painful in the short term, but the underlying purpose is beneficial.

The I Ching has a line in Hex 24.4 that says, “As the masses move on, you see a better path and return alone.” This line describes perfectly the way I experience the Nodes on the 1st and 7th house axis. It’s time to break away from those old situations and relationships and do what YOU really want to do.

Here is a list of the aspects Venus makes to other planets in November:

November 3  Venus opposite Neptune – Money with lack of clarity

If Neptune is also a money planet for you, then you can look for more money around this time. Keep in mind that Neptune energy is foggy, unclear, dissolving type energy in opposition, so don’t be surprised if there is a lack of clarity relative to money on this day. It’s an opposition so expect a lack of clarity, confusion, or dissolution related to receiving the money. It's still coming, but there will probably be some confusion.

This is a super weird concept, a juxtaposition. Just because it's uncomfortable doesn't mean it's not going to happen. Wait it out and see what happens. There’s a 7 degree orb so it might take awhile for the situation to become clearer.

November 6 Venus trine Pluto – good day for money!

If Pluto is also one of your money planets then this should be a good time for money. Venus is about to move into Libra, Saturn is now direct and stability will be re-established, and we have the trine aspect to powerful Pluto. Woo hoo!

November 22 Venus opposite Chiron – emotional disruption

Although Venus is in Libra, Chiron energy is just awful. (I'm not going to sugr coat the turd, ya'll.) Chiron is an asteroid so it’s not used in the cosmic cash flow system, but it’s in aspect to Venus so we have to consider that there might be some upsetting emotional gunk that comes back up from the past. Chiron is about reopening old wounds and it’s awful.

This could affect money. Venus moves quickly however, so it will pass within a day or two. Ride it out as best as you can.

November 28  Venus opposite North Node – Adjustments required

Venus is in Libra, and the North Node is in Aries, and this is an opposition so watch for opposition to your plans.

The North Node is a point and not a planet, so it’s not used for cosmic cash flow.

However, in aspect to a money planet, we want to pay attention.

This transit isn’t a bad transit. It’s just saying that there’s an adjustment needed between your future direction and your values.

The North Node in Aries signals individuation and following your own path. The South Node is in Libra – the Nodes are points, not planets, and it could be that something you are doing is draining you, because the South Node is about the old ways of doing things.

You may get a whiff of something that seems off. This could be related to someone you have a relationship with – not just romantic, but work or any kind of relationship.

If you dig deeper, you might uncover something you need to let go of.

I hope this information serves you in your journey! Check out Cosmic Cash Flow to get your chart and money forecasts for the year ahead!