Jupiter into Pisces and Increased Sensitivity

I absolutely noticed the shift into Pisces, partly because I was counting down the days until the Jupiter trine to my Cancer planets. Did you notice the shift in energy?
Jupiter into Pisces and Increased Sensitivity
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Jupiter moved into Pisces on December 28, 2021. Did you notice?

Pisces is my 12th house and I have Jupiter there natally. I absolutely noticed the shift into Pisces, partly because I was counting down the days until the Jupiter trine to my Cancer planets.

I wasn't expecting increased sensitivity to details, energy and other people's emotions, but it's been a thing lately. I'm not sure how to manage it all. It kind of feels like another way to hijack my energy without my permission. Kryon says we don't need to put up shields of protection or carry crystals or do any of the stuff we used to do anymore, but I'm not so sure.  

Pisces is Neptune ruled, and while I think this is a positive transit overall, it has special meaning for me. After a very long cycle of destruction by outer planets in Capricorn to all the planets at the bottom of my chart in Cancer, I am getting a trine from Jupiter, which feels like HALLELUJAH!

I Ching has been speaking me lately about the destructive cycle finally being over in Hex 23.1.6 and also the time of decrease also being over, with Hex 41.1.6.

If you have any placements in Cancer, you will get kisses from Jupiter this year, too. Praise the Goddess for that!

Neptune is also in Pisces now and is very strong because it rules Pisces. Neptune is very psychic. It also feels to me like confusion, dissolution and escapism. I took a class on Neptune with astrologer Kathy Rose on Neptune transits and it was interesting, and sort of nebulous and hard to wrap my mind around. I think that's pretty descriptive of Neptune's energetic signature.

Anytime there is an aspect between the Sun or Moon and Neptune, I know that I will feel sleepy and low energy on that day, and not much is going to move forward around that time.

One major experience I had was with Neptune in aspect to Saturn in 2016. We all experienced this transit. Saturn was in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces.

Before I reached midlife, I hated Saturn and his restrictions. In a strange twist, however, I would have given anything for Saturn's guardrails in 2016. Alas, Neptune in aspect to Saturn washed away his structured, orderly existence.

At the same time, Jupiter was in Virgo, which was just awful for me, on top of everything else going on with Pluto.

(I don't do well in Virgo energy but in recent years it has not been so difficult. I think this is because I am maturing, and also due to the precession of the equinoxes, which means all of Leo's constellations are now moved ahead by almost one whole sign. The means Virgo acts more like Leo, and it's possible that the other signs are changing vibrationally, too. You decide – this is just my observation.)

I had a Saturn trine Ascendant that year and as soon as Saturn moved out of range, things fell apart. Nothing I did would fix the situation. I remember sitting at the kitchen table crying, and hearing the Divine Feminine say, "You can't hustle your way through this. You have to allow it to fall apart." It was not an easy time, and that was the second life collapse during the extended Pluto opposition.

I take comfort in knowing that I will probably be dead by the time those alignments happen at the same time again.

Anyway, the point of all of this is that Jupiter in Pisces has pushed my sensitivity levels way up on many things, not just emotions. You may be feeling this too.

Jupiter expands Neptune's psychic sensitivity. Both of these are currently in my 12th house and as I mentioned above, I have Jupiter here natally which may explain the super-sensitivity.

Some weird stuff I've noticed with Jupiter in Pisces:

Panic attacks coming on in my body for no obvious reason, when things are quiet and calm and there's nothing really wrong. Yet I start sweating, my heart starts fluttering and it feels like there is a rubber band around my chest. I sometimes start feeling nauseous and dizzy.

Feeling drained after grocery shopping or being out where there are a lot of people. Feelings of anxiety and dread while in the grocery store. Picking up on feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness while in the store, about not having enough money, rising prices, worries about not being able to afford the things people need. Overwhelm. It's like I can hear people worrying about the rising prices, or panic that they will be out of something.

Feeling my heart flutter and feeling so bad I have to go lay down for no obvious reason. I have traced this back to solar events, and it usually means a solar flare was just fired off or there's another kind of geomagnetic storm happening.

The instruments that are being used to detect flares and storms can't detect flares immediately, so it's strange to be minding my own business and suddenly I start feeling sick and dizzy. It kind of reminds me of Havana Syndrome but I don't think I'm important enough to be blasted with a directed energy weapon.  

Knowing things about people that I wouldn't normally know, and wondering why I know that. How did I pick up on that and why do I need to know these details about people?  

I think there are a couple of reasons why I am noticing all of this stuff. One, I already have a natural propensity for picking this stuff up because I have Jupiter in Pisces natally.

Second is the empath thing. There are a lot of empaths walking around because of childhood trauma and programming. I've also become aware of how childhood trauma is intentionally inflicted in some cases because it cracks us wide open and makes us easier to manipulate as we mature into adults. It's for that reason that I'm not sure that being an empath is gift, especially as I'm also being asked to become more independent.

Next, I think if you are on the ascension path, you eventually wind up being empathic whether you want to or not. I have a friend who was very non-spiritual but was really into yoga. I was not surprised in the least when she had an awakening eventually because of her yoga practice.

You don't dabble in things like tarot, I Ching, yoga or occult subjects without eventually having an awakening.

Also, astrology has just not been great at explaining everything that I've been noticing, and so my own curiosity has led me into things like how to understand quantum nature of the universe.

(Oh, the irony! In my egoic quest to understand what cannot be understood, I start studying quantum physics! I'm sure the Divine is having a good laugh about that.)

But I'm not so sure things can't be understood. I think they can't be understood right NOW, because we aren't far enough in our evolution and understanding of some of these topics, OR they have been suppressed.

Eventually, I think we'll stop seeing psychic ability and related skills as "trafficking with the devil" and start understanding that there is WAY more going on in the unseen than we realize, and we don't currently have instruments that are actually sensitive enough to measure what the human body is capable of measuring.

I would not be surprised in the least if we learned that this kind of information had been suppressed. If you look at some of the dark stuff that has been going on for centuries on this planet, it's obvious to me that someone knew how things really worked. It's just that most of us were given a different set of rules to follow so that we didn't question that we were being controlled.

Otherwise, I don't think I would continue to be led down this path to understanding what is happening. I think there IS an answer.

Well, to wrap this all up...I expect that I will feel more of everything while Jupiter is in Pisces. I don't know if it will continue after the transit is over.

We'll find out soon, because Jupiter will fly through Pisces and into Aries in just a few months before it goes retrograde.

If you notice you've been feeling extra sensitive or picking up on things that you hadn't before, it's not just you!