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Nodal Shift into Taurus/Scorpio

I don't think I have ever noticed anything happening as a result of the nodes moving, until this shift. The nodes are not planets, so you might not have been aware of them, either.
Nodal Shift into Taurus/Scorpio
Photo taken during a winter storm in the St. Louis area on February 2, 2022. Copyright 2022, Christine E. Springer

If this is the first time you have visited my website, welcome! My name is Christine Elaine and this site is where I write about my own experiences with personal growth, ascension, astrology, tarot and more.

The content on this site is based on my personal experiences, observations and intuitive downloads and guidance. It’s not meant to be gospel, medical advice, financial advice or anything besides my own experiences and observations.

Did you feel the nodes shift from Gemini/Sagittarius on January 18? I definitely felt the shift, which I thought was strange. I don't think I have ever noticed anything happening as a result of the nodes moving, until this shift.

The nodes are not planets, so you might not have been aware of them, either. They are sensitive points along the Moon's elliptical path. I don't know much about their history or how anyone determined we should pay attention to them, and that's mostly because I base my astrological knowledge on my direct experience of a transit.

There are a couple of astrologers who use them in their work, but because I have never noticed any effects, the concept of the nodes has remained abstract in my mind.

When I had Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and the North Node all transiting in opposition to my Cancer stellium at the same time (around 2019), I had hope that the North Node would bring some relief from the relentless Plutonian energy that was relentlessly grinding away at my old life.

Nope. Nothing.

It's possible that having all those outer planets in opposition meant they took center stage and that's why I didn't notice them. It's also possible that I noticed this shift because the outers had all moved on. Another factor might be that since Jupiter moved into Pisces, my sensitivity has increased and I'm noticing a LOT of energetic weirdness now.

Jupiter shifted into Pisces on December 28, 2021. Pisces is my 12th house and my sensitivity to energetic stuff has dramatically increased. I will write a separate post on this.

I read several astrological interpretations about how the nodes changing signs would affect me. Taurus is my 2nd house, and the overarching theme was about independence and wanting to be less reliant on others.

I thought this was interesting, considering that I am already very independent and again, I mostly dismissed this because I didn't think I'd notice the shift anyway.

Also, I have been toxic independent at times thanks to childhood trauma and programming. I didn't trust anyone to get close enough to ask for help. These past few years, I've been in a situation where I needed a LOT of help and it's uncomfortable enough. I am itching to break free and go my own way again.

What ended up happening is that I felt a need to push people away because of their over-reliance upon me.

I started noticing the small details of how other people were relying on me in codependent ways. When you continue to do things for other people that they should be doing for themselves, you are preventing them from addressing their own issues around why they aren't doing what they should be doing for themselves.

These kinds of relationships will also drain you of energy and that's another way you get stuck. I am working to remove all codependent tentacles because they are like back door energy drains. If you feel tired all the time, you won't feel motivated to move forward in your own life.

This also reminds me of Denise LeFay's blog post where she told me to "push these people OFF MY TIMELINE." I have a specific timeline that I am occupying, specific things I want to do post-pandemic, and now that I am aware of how I've been sabotaged by BPD Mom and other people, I am going to shove these people off my timeline or at least prevent them from derailing me.

Aside from this, codependent people need to get their own lives, their own hopes, goals and dreams, and we're not doing them any favors by feeling sorry for them or coddling them or coaching them. I also noticed a sort of hardening of my heart with these people – they have had eons to get their shit together and I'm not going to spend the rest of this lifetime waiting around for them to figure it out.

So I started calling them out and reminding people that they have to do things for themselves. I notice the codependent patterns in other people's relationships, too.

This theme of independence is for me more like breaking free of these limitations. And as I progress through my own inner work, the more these transits become more about how they are affecting me instead of things I need to stop doing to other people. (Typical empath stuff, I think.)

Transit Uranus is in Taurus right now, and this makes a lot of sense to me. Uranus is all about breaking free of limitations.

This also meant that I had to stop doing old habitual things that were draining me of energy. I had to keep my mouth shut. Wait for people to ask me for something (BPD Mom is dropping a lot of hints lately instead of asking for what she wants) and to continue my work on NOT overfunctioning.

Also, I notice where my attitudes have shifted with other people and the external world, and how people make excuses for themselves so they don't have to do the work they need to do to fix their problems.

I'm personally glad for these awarenesses. And what a tangled web codependency weaves. If it weren't for the ascension process, I think we'd all still be on the hamster wheel, reincarnating with these same broken people and reliving trauma over and over again.

It's also become much easier to unplug from the outer world and its manufactured chaos, designed to pull us off our highest timeline. I still have one major 3D thing to resolve but when that's done, I will be free from much of the old 3D world.

The other aspect I noticed with Taurus, Uranus and the North Node is with money.  My very long Pluto transit has pretty much torn life down to the foundations and thus far I don't seem to have much help with the rebuild.

However, we are working with the Divine Feminine right now and she is the formless void where all possibilities exist. But we're so used to things moving along in a logical linear way that it's hard to wait for things for much longer than we think they should take to manifest.

I think a lot of people are in the same situation with the pandemic, and since Taurus is a money house, Uranus's transit there is disrupting a lot of financial systems and making changes for everyone.

I recall astrologer Donna Stellhorn saying in one of her videos that with Uranus in Taurus, we don't know what will work. That's because Uranus is unpredictable.

The good news about Uranus is when it moves on, the disruptions go with it, although the changes that come through the disruptions may not.

So if you're dealing with Uranus in a difficult place or angle in your chart, take heart – it doesn't last forever. You can use an ephemeris to find the exact dates when Uranus or any other planet will move on.

I think finances will improve for everyone after Uranus moves out of Taurus in July 2025/April 2026.

When Jupiter moved into Pisces, it seemed like a good time to really start blogging on here on 1212, which I created several years ago. I didn't do anything with it, though.

The impetus for starting the blog was because of all sorts of weird stuff that happened during the Pluto transit and my ascension journey. I set up the website, YouTube channel and other stuff and made preparations for the day when I would want to write about these things. I still had the inner conflict between worrying about being taken seriously at the same time I was having all sorts of strange experiences.

Anyway...when Jupiter shifted into Pisces, it began trining my Cancer planets, and I wanted to align with the energies shaping up to give me a big boost this year. The website was already set up, and there was the Jupiter-in-Pisces-sensitivity-thing happening, so why not?

It seems to me that the North Node in Taurus with Uranus is positive, saying YES DO THAT NEW THING YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT DOING, IT WILL WORK OUT GREAT. (Uranus loves novelty!)

It might also be saying that the disruptions from Uranus are necessary for positive growth. It might also be saying that you have to do something totally new instead of focusing on what you have been doing.

The South Node is about that stuff you used to do, stuff that is comfortable and easy to fall back on. But it might not be healthy or it might not work anymore. I notice that a lot of things just don't work anymore.

There are a lot of possible themes here, and hopefully you will be able to use some of these as a jumping off point for your own understanding of your path. This post is about the observations I've had about the nodal shift but you will probably notice some of your own.