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A Huge Pluto Cycle is Ending for Cancer

Pluto in Capricorn is running out of time.
A Huge Pluto Cycle is Ending for Cancer
Photo Copyright Christine E. Springer, 2021. Taken October 2021 at Cliff Cave Park in St. Louis County, MO. This is the Mighty Mississippi, where I have gone repeatedly to sit in nature and commune with the river. 

If this is the first time you have visited my website, welcome! My name is Christine Elaine and this site is where I write about my own experiences with personal growth, ascension, astrology, tarot and more.

The content on this site is based on my personal experiences, observations and intuitive downloads and guidance. It’s not meant to be gospel, medical advice, financial advice or anything besides my own experiences and observations.

Today’s post is Day 1 of a 14 day challenge to get things rolling on my blog.

I have put off writing about my spiritual experiences out of fear of not being taken seriously in my legal business. I have loved the law since I was a child.

At some point, I decided (or was programmed) to take care of my Mom (she is the BPD Mom referred to on this website) and so began my life of being enmeshed with her in a codependent way.

A major life overhaul has been taking place for me since before Pluto moved into Capricorn, in 2006 when it was still in Sadge. Pluto opposed my natal Venus in Gemini first, and then when moved into Cap, the erosion of my old life was well underway.

I didn’t totally understand the slow burn of Pluto as I was still an astrological newbie. I did not know it would undermine my physical foundations, change how I relate to my family completely, how I would be tested repeatedly with all sorts of weird and intense situations, paranormal activity, plumbing problems, and ongoing high strangeness.

To be clear, I’m NOT saying that Pluto or any planet causes things to happen. It’s describing the nature of the energy that is at play during a specific time period, defined in astrology as an orb.

Humans have been looking at the skies for centuries, long before the major religions ever existed, although Pluto wasn't discovered until relatively recently, in 1930 so it hasn't been observed for as long as the inner planets.

It takes Pluto about 240 years to go around the zodiac just once, and many people will never have a Pluto opposite Sun transit. Congratulations, Cancer! You have survived a Pluto transit!

And by the way, this is for anyone with Cancer placements. You can run your natal birth chart for free at various places on the internet, but you'll need to know your birth time and place of birth.

Ask your Mom, if you are still speaking to her after your Pluto transit. (Sorry, that's a bad astrological joke!)

My Pluto transit/overhaul lasted from 2006 until the end of 2022. In retrospect, Pluto wasn’t even in Cap when I started feeling the effects. I moved away from my hometown, a HUGE life change for me, and things started falling apart.

The reason my Pluto transit lasted so long and was so transformative is because of the way my natal chart is situated. I have a packed third and fourth house at the bottom of my birth chart.

I have natal Venus at 26 Gemini in my 3rd house, my Imum Coeli (4th house cusp) at 6 Cancer, plus Moon and Mercury at 6 Cancer, natal Saturn at 10 Cancer and natal Sun at 25 Cancer, in my 4th house of home, family and foundation. Most of my planets and placements are in Cardinal signs, and my Sun sign and Rising sign are kind of opposites – Fire and Water, Yang and Yin, and this plays out in some very interesting ways.

I also have Moon square Pluto which explains BPD Mom. Saturn in Cancer has been an emotionally stunted father. I have no planets in Earth or Air --- it’s all in Water and Fire. I think I have some asteroids in those elements, and my Midheaven is in Cap.

Anyway, I’m at the very end of a HUGE cycle wrapping up. If you have any placements in Cancer, you are also wrapping up a big, possibly destructive cycle.

Because I have so much stuff in Aries, Cancer and Libra, I have had the following aspects from Pluto and Saturn over the last 15 years:

Pluto (still in Sadge) opposite Venus at 26 Gemini. Saturn in Sadge opposite natal Venus. Pluto (in Cap) square natal Pluto at 4 Libra. Saturn (in Cap) square natal Pluto. Pluto conjunct Midheaven/opposite Imum Coeli (4th/10thhouse cusps – angles are super important). Saturn conjunct MC/IC. Pluto opposite Moon and Mercury. Saturn opposite Moon and Mercury. Pluto opposite Saturn. Saturn opposite Saturn (I think this is a midlife transition aspect). Pluto square Ascendant at 11 Aries. Saturn square Ascendant. Pluto square natal Uranus at 23 Libra. Saturn square Uranus. Saturn opposite Sun in 2020. Pluto opposite Sun in 2021.

That is a total of NINE Pluto and NINE Saturn aspects. I didn't list the more positive ones, which I probably should have. But they are less remarkable because nothing happens during a Saturn trine or sextile. It's boring because of the absence of drama. Money comes in, money goes out, you pay your bills and do your thing and it's a nice, quiet existence.

How do I know the cycle is over? Because Saturn has already left Capricorn (THANK THE GODDESS!) and Pluto will cross over into Aquarius in 2023 for a few months, retrograde back into Cap and then move back into Aquarius.

Simply, put…Pluto is out of time in Capricorn. There’s no more time for him to tear anything down related to my chart. I think it's actually out of time for doing any more damage in the collective too.

(Side note: a lot of astrologers are talking about America’s Pluto return but I’m not convinced it will be a big deal. Pluto aspected NINE of my planets/points and that is why it lasted so long. But a Pluto transit to one planet lasts about a year. It’s been my observation that the worst of the Pluto destruction is already underway by the time the first exact alignment happens. I personally think there has already been a lot of destruction that happened with the Saturn Pluto conjunction that kicked off the pandemic.)

Things fell apart for me in a major way in mid-2019 and there was no way to fix anything. Nothing worked out, and in retrospect I can see that I was being moved into place ahead of my Pluto opposition, before the pandemic and probably some ascension related stuff too. Whatever was happening in my experience, the Universe wanted to maximize it by making sure I was in the place I needed to be in order to face it.

I had been through a couple of other major breakdowns during this period, but there was always a way out. This one didn’t work that way. I had to put my stuff in storage and go stay with BPD Mom in the Midwest, after she had already left me holding the bag in Arizona.

I’m not going to get too far into the details as I’m sure I will write more about the various situations I encountered during this time. Right now, I’m just so OVER Pluto and ready to move forward.

2022 starts a new cycle for me. Also, I have several more outer planet aspects to my 4th house of Cancer.

Jupiter is newly trine Cancer from Pisces. Neptune in Pisces has been trining Cancer for several years. Uranus has been sextile Cancer from Taurus since about 2018. Pluto is still in opposition to Cancer, but not for much longer – until 2023/2024.

It's kind of mixed bag, but Uranus will be in Taurus longer than Pluto will remain in Capricorn, so I really think Pluto is already done – Uranus has disrupted any death knells. It won't get any worse than it already is, in my opinion. I'll write more about this in another post, because I suspect that a lot of people are in fear over these transits.

I also have natal Jupiter in Pisces trine my Sun in Cancer, which is awesome. According to astrologer Maria DeSimone, Jupiter in the 12this like having a permanent “get out of jail free card” because things just sort of work out.

I also have Jupiter trining my Sun (and Saturn) in Cancer, but it’s wide at an eight degree orb.

I don’t personally use a defined orb for transits because my experiences have all been based on observation in my own experience. I have noticed that once the final pass is done, the influence is over or is waning. I will write about this too in another post.

Jupiter will fly through Pisces and into Aries this year, then go retrograde. I’ll have my Jupiter return, the start of a brand new Jupiter cycle for the next 12 years, and Jupiter entering into my first house as it crosses over 11 degrees of Aries.

It’s like being in the gap between the end of the old cycle and the beginning of a new one.

So much has changed after this Pluto cycle. I’m no longer interested in fighting. In some ways, the legal field isn’t as good of a fit career-wise. Uranus in my 2nd house, and now the North Node, is talking about finding new ways to make money. Pluto is still in Cap, my 10th house, and that means that there are still some issues with earning money in the legal field, although I think the Uranus sextile from Taurus to Cancer is preventing Pluto from ripping my legal career to shreds.

I have a lot of ideas, many of which I started and were disrupted prior to 2016. I am preparing to dust some of those off, mix them up with some new things, and of course – blog about them.

And that is the point of this post – it’s time to do something new. I’m no longer worried about being taken serious in the legal field, because that has not worked for me in years.

But with Jupiter in Pisces in my 12th house, it’s time to explore the spiritual side of my life and see where it goes.

If you have read this far in my novel, thank you! I look forward to sharing more stuff in the coming weeks.