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As You Move Up in Frequency, Random Pieces Will Begin to Fit Together

Ascension does not mean we're leaving the Earth.
As You Move Up in Frequency, Random Pieces Will Begin to Fit Together

Ascension does not mean we're leaving the Earth.

This is something I have come to realize during my own evolution. This is another one of those posts where things will seem like they don't fit together, but they do.

I am sharing this because I'm sure there are other people going through or have been through seemingly random experiences and wondering WTF?

When I look back, they were not random at all - just another way our old 3D life has been distorted.

You may also be moving up in consciousness quickly and having similar realizations. One of the ways this manifested in my experience was through awarenesses. I noticed strange things and realized they had significance but I didn't know why.

I was being led through the external to look closer at my beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality. Although I was going through a lot of stuff, I discovered that I had unconscious beliefs. These unconscious beliefs were creating a lot of suffering.

I recently heard that suffering is a choice, and it's a habit we need to break. I didn't totally understand that at first, but now I agree.

In this post, I'm sharing some examples of how I became aware of my beliefs and how things changed as a result.

In 2020 and while dealing with BPD Mom, I realized that much of what I believed about the people in my life were idealized beliefs that I adopted in childhood. This is natural – children just are not wired to think badly of their parents or other people.

We ignore the bad stuff and adapt, and as adults we get stuck in these patterns. We keep trying to make our parents approve of us, and this leads to unhealthy patterns like codependence, lack of boundaries and sometimes personality disorders and other mental illnesses.

I realized I had been operating from a set of beliefs I picked up as a child. My parents divorced when I was five years old, which was before a child's brain development moves out of the theta state. By the time we are seven, much of our programming is solidified.

This is why, in spite of being in my late 40s, I was still seeing my BPD Mom the same way I saw her as a child, which is that I needed to save her.

It took a big WTF to realize that she was coming for me – to destroy me, which she did when she called Adult Protective Services and told them I was abusing her.

She will never admit any of this now, and I don't care if she admits it – I know the truth. And, as shitty as it is, this horrible incident happened FOR ME.

I could no longer ignore, explain away or gaslight myself into believing that she cared about me. I finally stopped giving my power away to her and everyone else.

Later on, I noticed that my Mom was having the same issue – refusing to see things through an adult lens. She had a hard time admitting that her father was abusive to her.  

He was addicted to alcohol and was probably a Cluster B too, judging by some of the stories my Mom told me about him. That's just a guess, though. Nobody in my family wants to talk about it, because "skeletons in the closet" and all.

As I worked through the situation with my Mom, it was like a dam burst and suddenly I saw all sorts of ways my beliefs were immature and no longer served me. These awarenesses came up a couple of times a week, which led to all sorts of interesting changes.

I could no longer ignore what my Mom was doing.

Then, I realized that all the weird paranormal stuff that has been happening to me is REAL, and that it is orchestrated for the purpose of keeping me stuck in 3D.

I'm not special when it comes to interference. I was told years ago, "MANAGE YOUR FREQUENCY," and I didn't know what it meant then.

I figured this all out because of the crazy stuff my Mom was doing during the pandemic. It felt like I had to do battle with these nasties daily. They would just sort of take her over and do all sorts of horrible stuff.

This is how I figured out about the interference. There was just no other explaination for it. And a bunch of other things clicked into place with this awareness.

It is easier for them to manipulate certain people because of their childhood trauma, and this is also why children are targets in our society. Children are intentionally harmed so that they are easier to control and manipulate when they are older. This is also how this sick corruption of our families are perpetuated.

It's all so that these low frequency beings can continue to feed off of our negative emotions. They manipulate from the unseen. I have a lot more to say about their interference but I don't want to get too far off topic in  this post.

Until I stopped gaslighting myself and my own experiences in the physical reality, I continued to be harassed and targeted.

Then, I started thinking about why I was being targeted, and researched that. That led to me taking a critical look at some of the New Age stuff I believed in. I had read about the New Age False Light before and thought it was just so preposterous (and that you might be thinking about as you read this post) that I couldn't believe it.

Again, I was naive. And then I wondered if this too was all intentional. I think so.

So then I looked at revoking contracts or unconscious agreements. I started revoking a LOT of agreements to experience lack, limitation, harassment, targeting and just about everything that I noticed was playing out in my reality.

I stopped calling on angels and helpers and looking outside of myself. That's not to say we shouldn't ask for help, but as I moved out of warrior energy I didn't want to call on AA Michael anymore. I realized I just had to manage my emotions and stop reacting to external stuff.

The more I did this, the more peaceful my environment became.

As I started revoking, things got REALLY quiet. The inner chaos died down, but the external was still there, but I was able to see it for what it was – either a narrative being perpetuated or others reacting to that perpetuation.

I stopped watching the news and even a lot of YouTube creators. The mainstream media has its own agenda, and although I appreciate individual creators, they are broadcasting from their perspective, which doesn't usually align with mine.

I also became more intentional about grounding. I sit under a tree and meditate/pray daily. I don't have any planets in earth signs in my natal chart, and I've come to understand that I need to work harder on staying grounded.

As I've grounded, I came to understand that we are not leaving Earth. We're going to integrate more of ourself and become embodied masters here on Earth. Get comfortable, ha ha! We're not leaving.

Then I noticed boredom, which is really a signal to start creating. Then I was given the push to start blogging here in a more meaningful way, because we've crossed a major threshold and many others will begin waking up.

So, no dramatic solar event happened – just a series of awarenesses that corresponded with raising my vibration and then making course corrections.

I've managed to hold the 5D frequency for a week or two now, and this is the longest I've managed to stay in that frequency.

I am a hermit for now, because I'm not interested in dealing with people who are on a lower frequency. I don't yet know how I will integrate with them just yet. I will probably have to keep moving up in frequency and it will just happen, because I won't be paying attention or I will not be bothered by them.