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Why Ascension Makes No Sense

The ascension is a process designed to move us up in frequency as efficiently as possible. It's not linear because the Universe is not linear.
Why Ascension Makes No Sense

As humans, we're wired for things to make sense. If I understand something, it's easier for me to move through it.

The ascension is a process designed to move us up in frequency as efficiently as possible. It's not linear because the Universe is not linear. Also, the Universe sees the whole thing from a higher perspective. It knows things we don't know because of its role in our co-creation.

Ascension is just another word for expansion of consciousness. I believe it's also compressed evolution. We're all being pushed to evolve rapidly, so whether you want to see it as science or spirituality, that's what is happening.

If you're like me, you will appreciate how all this fits together and why it's happening so that you don't freak out.

This is all part of a process being orchestrated FOR YOU and not TO you so that you move through your journey with more ease. You are not a victim.

My process was/is not easy. I believe I volunteered to be one of the first, so that others could move through their ascension without fear and resistance.  

The sooner we all unplug from external chaos and drama, the sooner the old 3D paradigm will collapse. When we are no longer individually triggered by these external situations, we step into our own abilities to manifest what we want, regardless of what is happening "out there."

So how does it all work? Well, our Higher Selves are orchestrating these situations and triggers, so it is all very efficient.

We're not really in charge of the process in a sense. It's a future version of us that is working all this out. It's a weird concept, but think about how many times you looked back at a situation had a bunch of realizations about why it happened a certain way.

Our future selves know exactly what needs to be done. We just need to be open.

We don't get a memo from the Universe with key dates and bullet points. The energy shifts and often we are just caught off guard. That's just how it works. The Universe is not linear, and that's hard for us humans to understand, because our lives have been structured in a linear way.

We have been programmed that things should make sense.

So when I was waylaid with weird anxiety attacks, it was frightening. There was no one around to explain to me what was happening, so I just had to figure it out.

We have several energies that are helping us. Solar flares, the Schumann Resonances are two that I notice are tied to my physical symptoms.

I also suspect we are being bathed in energy waves from the Photon Belt that we're passing through. The awakening cycle is every 26,000 years which is also how long it takes in between the passages through this area of the the galaxy.

I'm not an expert and correlation does not equate causation, but if it makes sense in some way, it's easier to accept and therefore release resistance.

These energies are like a detox, pushing old stuff out of our bodies. When that happens, it can bring on panic attacks, anxiety, headaches, exhaustion and so many symptoms.

Sometimes its our ego freaking out because we can't understand it all, and I think that's probably why it happens that way – these energies bypass the ego.

It's happening to you because you are moving up in consciousness. Your Higher Self is helping you to move into these higher frequencies.

We came here to heal ourselves, wake up and then begin anchoring the new energies here. Through our example, no matter how imperfect, we show others what it looks like.

Some of us incarnated into dysfunctional families to assist them in clearing their trauma and patterns. Many are stuck in the illusion and have forgotten who they are and their connection to the Creator.

This is why Gaia sent out a call for volunteers, and that is why many of us experienced childhood trauma. I believe that those of us who experienced childhood trauma are the best equipped to handle these changes, because we've experienced hardship.

Many people can't handle the intensity right now, but we've been through worse. If I managed to survive childhood with toxic parents as a child, so dealing with ascension is not going to break me.

We also trigger other people to remember. I have always had a weird thing where people were triggered by my presence. It used to bother me, but now it's just part of my mission. I no longer react to it because now that I understand it, I don't take it personally, and have become neutral as a result.

Ascension/evolution is a process. It's like a deep clearing out of lifetimes of emotional gunk. When you run out of stuff to clear, you will probably start clearing for your ancestors and then the collective.

I have had to make peace with the understanding that things are not going to unfold in a linear fashion, as in A, B, C, D.

It's usually D, H, Z, then A, and some insights later about why all that weird stuff happened the way it did. Then it all clicks into place.

While much of what is being revealed is painful, it's leaving and we will no longer be tethered to trauma and low vibration people and situations.

I will share more about how I connected my ascension symptoms to the energy waves in another post. <3